Textured walls and ceilings are becoming very popular recently, with different techniques creating unique styles that will suit your room perfectly. Textured house painting is a technique which creates a unique look for any room in your home or workplace.

Interior Textured Walls

Texture and paint have finally found each other. When you design unique effect surfaces for interior walls, you can now combine various textures and paint colours with our texture painting services. Textured walls bring the third dimension to any room in the house and you can create an entirely different mood by taking advantage of our texture painting services.

Interior Textured Ceilings

As professional interior house painters, we provide a house painting service that ensures reliable and sturdy interior textured ceiling repairs.
We encase the entire room in plastic before removing and replacing the existing ceiling – with very little dust or anything that would affect your furniture. All rubbish is taken away and your property is left tidy.

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Repainting Exterior Textured Homes

By using a waterproofing membrane paint to protect your home from the weather and also against new small cracks that may appear, we can ensure that your textured exterior house painting lasts and looks great for years to come. Our texture painting services are to an exceptional standard so you can rest assured that your home will look great and have protection against the harsh Tauranga weather conditions.

Texturing And After Damage Repairs

Is your textured house paint starting to crack or are you experiencing problems with leaky homes and water damaged ceilings? We can provide an effective repair and a preventive solution for any of your house painting needs. Painters Tauranga Tauranga provide texture painting services that are affordable and will suit you and the look you want perfectly. Give us a call today!

Please note that we provide Interior House Painting | Exterior House Painting.

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Water Damaged Ceilings

To provide an effective solution and protect your home, we mask the entire room with plastic film to avoid any dust travelling through your home or onto furniture, before:

  • Removing all texture from the ceiling
  • Repairing any cracks and failed joints
  • Plastering the ceiling to a nice smooth finish ready for painting or retexturing, matching the same style as was previously there

Leaky Homes

Keep your home safe and hygenic for you and your family. Painters Tauranga use a professional solution for your leaky home repairs to ensure your home is repaired effectively.

Small hairline cracks are filled with a paintable silicone or water proofing membrane. Grind back larger cracks, fill the crack, tape over the filler, plaster smooth then retexture the surface matching the existing texture on your home.

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