House Painting Techniques and Tips For Your Painting Project

Painters Tauranga is a one stop resource of information to assist you with your painting and wood finishing projects. There are many different aspects to painting a house. You may be looking to do some periodic maintenance, such as exterior painting or staining a deck. You might be interested in decorative interior painting so you can turn your paint color ideas into reality. Applying wood stain and finish to cabinets or furniture might be your pursuit. Whatever the case may be, let us be your guide.

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Painters Tauranga help make your painting project easier and at lower cost. Being efficient, well organised and planned helps keep you on time and with less chance of accident or oversight therefore keeping costs right down.

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Efficient Painters

A little planning can go a long way toward a successful painting or wood finishing project. When we do not perform tasks on a regular basis, it is easy to overlook things. Simple mistakes, such as forgetting to purchase all the necessary paint supplies, can waste time and cause unnecessary trips to the paint store. Not knowing how much paint to buy can result in too much paint and extra expense. Has this ever happened to you?

I’m happy to come out and provide you with a free quote and any painting advice so Contact Us Today

The Basic Steps to House Painting

No matter what aspect of house painting you are planning to undertake, observing a few basic steps will help to achieve a very successful outcome for you. Before you purchase any paints, paint sundries, or tools for painting, evaluate your painting project for each of the following categories:

  • Choosing paint colors and sheens
  • Types of paints, primers, and paint sundries
  • Tools for painting
  • Paint masking and covering
  • Paint prep
  • Painting application
  • Paint safety

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is an important part to any paint job. The color selection process is best served by following some fundamental guidelines. At the end of the day, you will want to select paint colors that will be pleasing to you as well as others.

Whether you are choosing new paint colors or maintaining existing colors, it is best to make color samples with the actual paint. Using a visual aid can help to avoid mistakes and disappointment.

Types of Paints, Primers, and Supplies

Determine which types of paints, primers, and paint sundries are right for your job. There are a wide variety of paint products available. Most paint suppliers offer several different lines. These typically range from moderately priced contractor grades up to more expensive premium grades and eco-friendly lines.

An extensive selection of sundries for paint prep and masking are also available. Because most paint sundries are designed for specific uses, it is best to familiarize yourself with the products before purchasing them.

Tools for Painting

Acquiring the proper tools is essential for carrying out any painting project. An assortment of tools for paint masking, paint prep, and paint application are often required. Usually it is a good idea to purchase professional grade tools for painting. Working with quality tools can save time and render better results.

House Painting Techniques

The three basic elements of house painting include masking and covering, surface preparation, and paint/stain application. Whether it is interior or exterior painting, finishing cabinets, or finishing furniture, good painting techniques will result in a quality painted or stained finish.

Painting Safety

Always maintain good safety practices when working around house paints and painting equipment. Always wear the appropriate protective safety gear.

Repainting may involve disturbing existing painted surfaces that contain lead. Most locations have strict Government guidelines regarding lead paint.

Please visit the painting safety section before you start your project because safety always comes first.


Our homes are often our largest investment. Whether you are painting your own house or hiring a professional painting contractor to do the work, you want a quality job done efficiently so you can save time and money.

House Painters Roof Painters Interior Decorating Commercial Painters

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